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When comparing brokers to help with your real estate needs the difference is performance. I operate a team of brokers called the JP Freeman Team. The results?

  • Over 487 homes and land sold (so far)
  • Over 37 commercial properties sold (so far)
  • Over 58 commercial leases completed (so far)

Moreover, my listings sell on average for more money and shorter marketing times than the market averages.

When you want a real estate expert to get your job done why not hire the experts that banks, government agencies, large land owners, companies and hundreds of home buyers and sellers rely on to perform?

If you want a fast cash offer to sell your property, a free professional home evaluation or to discuss a special situation or dilemma that you face feel free to call me at 360-865-0507. Of course, there is no obligation or cost to speak with me or one of our team. Speak soon.