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Pledge to Clients: I pledge to use every bit of my 25 years of top producing Real Estate listing and sales experience to help Each & Every client as if they were a member of my own family.

Professional Experience: Washington State Real Estate License, since January 1, 1990

Education: Outside Interests: We have a small Farm with 5-Horses, Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Ducks, Goats, Rabbits. Michelle (wife) Grows Pumpkins every year to sell. Our 16 year old daughter like the older brothers and sisters, is very into sports (Soccer)and plays at a very high level. We love watching her play every chance we get! It's a Great Life! 
I thank my Lord and Savior for it Every Day!

Personal Information: Mitch was born and raised here,(Kitsap County), He brings a unique experience to the buying or selling of Real Estate in Kitsap County or anywhere in Washington State. Armed with the knowledge of how Kitsap County has grown from the past, to the current land use changes that have come our way with the implementation of the "Washington State Growth Management Act". With his many contact that have been built since starting Real Estate in 1990 and the previous relationship that were developed from living here all his life, Mitch will know where to get the answers you need, as a buyer or seller.

Growing up in the area allowed Mitch to experience the very schools that educate our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. "It is my feeling, that without a good school system, within a progressive growing community, the Real Estate Market, as well as equity gains of buyers and Sellers could drastically be affected."

Mitch Married his High School sweetheart in 1980 and was employed in the Wholesale Flower Business for 17 years, before starting his Real Estate Career. Mitch and Michelle have raised 5 children, ranging in age of 16 to 34. Mitch Jr, Mathew, Megan are the oldest of the 5. "What a Joy to have them all graduated from college and starting their own families." Mitch states. Monique is #4 Kido who is finishing up college. The last but not least is Mikaela, who was Mitch Sr's 41st Birthday present and now is finishing up her High School years.

The Careers change was not easy, with such a young family, but with determination, and desire to achieve the family's common goal, he was bound to succeed. "I have always been a people person." Mitch recalls, "I have always loved working with people to meet their needs." Real Estate was bound to be a perfect fit for Mitch. He has always been a self motivator, with a strong work ethic. "Our main reason for the change of careers, was to have more control over the, 'Work' vs 'Income' ratio, as it probably is in most families." Mitch concludes. Thanks to a strong Family ties, it all came together, but not all at once. Mitch continued to work both jobs for the first 5 years (1990-95). It was the Wholesale Flower Business early mornings to early afternoons, and the Real Estate business, afternoons, evenings & weekends. His last full year of actually working both jobs, he was also named the Top Producer of the year at the Annual Coldwell Banker Park Shore Awards Banquet. Other Agents would ask Mitch's wife how he sold so much Real Estate on a part time basis, and she would assure them that the Real Estate was Mitch's other "Full Time Job". Mitch Says, "It's amazing what you can accomplish when you love what you are doing!" 

Mitch has been a force in Real Estate from "Day-1". His dedication to his clients and customers, his ability to communicate and adapt to their different personalities and needs, will keep him in the Top 5% of the Real Estate Brokers in Kitsap County for Many years to come. 

With many years running as a leading producer at Coldwell Banker Park Shore. Mitch has also received National Awards from Coldwell Banker Corporate, which measures thousands of offices and agents throughout the Country on 'Sales Volume', 'Listing', and 'Gross production'. Mitch has helped clients negotiate over 700 Purchase & Sale Agreements over his 25 years, with total dollar volume well over the 200 Million barrier. From selling an island in the San Juans to advising, Listing & Selling "Gift Properties" for the University of Washington and Children's Hospital, Mitch's "Vision" is not limited.

As the Sales in Real Estate head more towards 5% of the agents selling 95% of the available properties. Mitch foresees, "Using the technology and resources to their full potential will be the key to continued success in this business I love." "All the awards in the World don't mean a thing, if my customers goals are not met. I want to help my clients negotiate each and every transaction, just as though it was for myself or my family. That is the trust and belief I want my clients to grow accustom to."